Silent tears hold the loudest pain

Assalammualaikum.. Yesterday, for those who know about K-pop, all the timeline is full of the news of Shinee Jonghyun death. The police confirmed that the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning in which this is one of a painless way to commit suicide. Yes, he commits suicide due to depression that he holds so long. This […]

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6 months of silence

Assalammualaikum.. Finally, after 6 months! I’ve got to take a breath and write something on my blog. It’s been a wild, busy day for the past 6 months. After my last post, my days start busy because of my classes, Eid Fitri, final exam, industrial training and of course Rabies outbreak. That outbreak really drained […]

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Sabah Trip with ladies; Day 1

Assalammualaikum.. It’s been 3 weeks already after I went to Sabah with my girls. Well, I supposed to write this post way before my previous two posts, but writing this one need some you know a MOOD also memories because it’s been 3 weeks already! I hope I still remember though. Haha. Well, let get […]

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Un Viejo Amigo

Assalammualaikum.. I know everybody changes, I just want familiar faces, Growing up can be amazing, But it can even break your heart. Old Friends by Jasmine Thompson I heard this song while watching Grey’s Anatomy last night. Right after I done watching the drama, I look it up on the internet. I tend to like […]

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