Sabah Trip with ladies; Day 1

Assalammualaikum.. It’s been 3 weeks already after I went to Sabah with my girls. Well, I supposed to write this post way before my previous two posts, but writing this one need some you know a MOOD also memories because it’s been 3 weeks already! I hope I still remember though. Haha. Well, let get […]

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Un Viejo Amigo

Assalammualaikum.. I know everybody changes, I just want familiar faces, Growing up can be amazing, But it can even break your heart. Old Friends by Jasmine Thompson I heard this song while watching Grey’s Anatomy last night. Right after I done watching the drama, I look it up on the internet. I tend to like […]

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Just a weak human being

Assalammualaikum.. Final exam stress. The work burdens keep increasing. The mood swing caused by PMS worsened the day. Pressure when people kept depending on you. Pressure to move to the next stage of life. Pressure to cope with increasing life-cost. Pressure to lose weight. Fear of losing someone that I love so much. Low self-confidence […]

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Eid Mubarak!

Assalammualaikum.. Alhamdulillah, today is the 4th Syawal. A month that Muslim celebrating Eid after fasting for a month in Ramadhan. But, this year Eid seem a bit off for me. It’s very hot and dry for a few days and yesterday was a bit okay when it’s rain. I’m not in the mood to go […]

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