#BookReview Just Friends by Billy Taylor


Yesterday, I managed to finish one book, that I found viral on twitter. Tbh, it intrigued me when some people claimed this guy is the next Nicholas Sparks. I’m a big fan of Nicholas Sparks, so when those people said that he is the next romanticist popular author, of course, I want to read it. However, when I get too excited, usually it will turn something disappointed and yes it is. I am disappointed. But, for someone that looking for a sweet, cute relationship and such a light storyline, I think this book great for you guys. But, to compare his works with Nicholas Sparks, I think it too much. But, as I said in my IG, everyone can dreams. He can be the next Nicholas Sparks if he improves the way he wrote the storyline.

Spoiler alert:

The story start with August and Ethan meet up at Ethan’s birthday. Then the chemistry sparks and they become close friends. When they were 18 years old, after went to classmates birthday I think, August, Ethan and Max I guess, they involved in a big accident. this is where even me as a reader was not satisfied with the author. I hate when someone pulls out some questionable scene in the books but they don’t tell the answer. I know it’s a trick by magician and they will not pull out the answer of their magic card but somehow..I wish at the end Ethan told the answer how did he do it. You guys intrigued a bit isn’t? Well, I may say spoiler alert, but I’m not the kind that told everything about a book that I was read. Sorry guys.  ^^

So, like typical sweet and romantic books, Just Friends remind you when a boy and a girl and they have been friends for a long time and the feelings eventually from just friends to more than friends. For me, I disagreed about the platonic relationship between guy and women. Eventually, it will turn to more than friends thingy. However, it may cause some risk when you want to start a relationship with your long time best friend. Yes, sometimes both of you have mutual feelings and you guys can get married and live happily ever after. Other than that, both of you have mutual feelings and the relationship broke in the middle and slowly drifted apart or one of you guys been friendzone. That’s it. So, I fully understand when August and Ethan took a long time to admit that they love each other. Because they love and valued their friendship. I’ve been in a situation where well, more than friends with my close friends when I was in college and it does not turn up well, so we drifting apart right now which is the most thing I regretted. I lose a friendship that I valued so much.

Don’t worry, this book has a happy ending peeps. Well, the cringy and romantic things in this book do attract me a bit, well girls..as usual, but not enough for me to buy a physical book. (I read this book in ebook version). Usually, when I know the author did such a good jobs writing a book, though I already read in ebook version, I will buy the book. You want some tips who are the good author? Nicholas Sparks (of course) or Jojo Moyes. Their books worth every penny!


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