Sabah Trip Day 2: New Zealand to Maldives



I know the title a bit overstretched there, but you will get why I put my second posts about my trip to Sabah like that. So, this post, I decided to put more photo than words. So, where we went for the second day, I’ll simply put into more simpler words.

Kiram Village (check out) – Desa Cattle Dairy Farm – Kinabalu Park – Pekan Nabalu – Rumah Terbalik – Lunch – Hotel Sri Iskandar (Check-in) – Rest and pray – Imago Shopping Mall (book Fate & Furious 8 ticket!) – accidently went to Filipino Market – Api Api Night Market (close to our stay place) and finally Day 2 done!

Photo that the sun not fully rise, I think I took after Subuh prayer and it super cold at that time and the other two when we were going to check out. Of course the view are mesmerizing and I wish I can took much better photos for you guys to see. So, first visit; We went to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm (entrance fee: RM5 (adult) per person)

On our way to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm!

Let me introduce…. *drum rolls* From left: Ina, Mbok Atul ( I call her Sharifah by the way, hihi), Me and Sufia

I’ve forgotten to introduce the girls with me during this trip in the previous post, so as you guys can see from above photo, Ina is in the left one, Mbok Atul (It’s really awkward to address you as Mbok Atul btw, Haha) and Sufia.



So, we ate the infamous Desa Cattle Gelato ice cream, (too bad I can’t finish the ice cream) I didn’t take photo btw, later on, I will steal photos from my girls IG to put in this blog. HAHA.

After that, we went to Kinabalu Park World Heritage Site (This is my second place of World Heritage Site after Taman Negara Mulu). Actually, this trip we just go anywhere without fixed schedule. We found that place and we go in. HAHA. To enter this park, we just have to pay RM3 only. Well, this park is suited for someone that seek for some adventures and our OOTD that day are not fit at all to go there. HAHA. Someday, I will go there once again with a proper outfit and may be doing some hiking. (Yeah, right..:p)

I think this is the only photos that we’ve taken at Kinabalu Park. Well, looking at our OOTD, it doesn’t really fit to go there. HAHA

Botanical Garrrrdeenn

I slowly feel sleepy at this time. A few more! *


Rumah Terbalik.

I think this is where all of us agreed on; the first and the last time we go there. I think Rumah Terbalik in Kuching are more worthy to go rather than here and it’s quite expensive compared to what we can do there. Even other tourists with us at that time also expressed their disappointment.




We didn’t spend so much time here. So, because we don’t have a proper breakfast early on, so we’ve had our brunch at *well, I don’t remember anymore. HAHA. But for sure, it’s in KK and it took 11 minutes to go to our hotel.

So, after lunch or brunch whatever, we check-in at Hotel Sri Iskandar in Jalan Api Api if I’m not mistaken (Opposite our hotel there are Maybank branch and Api Api Night Market). So, we decided to take some rest first before we go to IMAGO shopping mall (We go there for booking movie tickets only. HAHA).

So, fast forward! * I’m really sleepy right now, so my post slowly get shorter too.*

Done booking movie tickets, we decided to go to Waterfront to see the sunset but ended up went to Filipino Market. BAHAHAHA. I told you, this trip is super spontaneous. Get lost during this trip was super common.

I shared this photo on my IG and FB. Yup, before I forgot, I want to apologise to my friends that asked whereabouts of me at that time. To be honest, I prefer not to publicly tell where am I going lately, especially if I still at that place/countries (I tend to be more private right now. Super private. So, that’s why the photos I’m taken usually doesn’t show the landmark of that places and some people luckily can guess it) and I’m very sorry, even I didn’t reply your comments, I should tell you guys in texts privately, but I didn’t. SO, I’m very sorry. Really sorry. I hope, next time if I post some photos you think I might be in vacations, just directly asked me ( I mean direct messages).



Then, final one!

We’ve had our dinner at…Okay, I forgot. Sorry guys! I want to ask Sufia right now, but she asleep already. To text Sharifah or Ina, I might don’t get any reply at this hour guys. So, I also sleepy, so look at this photos peeps!

That’s a wrap for Day 2! Next post will be up tomorrow night. I should done my class project btw, but what the hell I do by writing a post now.

That’s all!

Good Night!

Sabah Trip with ladies; Day 1


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