Sabah Trip with ladies; Day 1


It’s been 3 weeks already after I went to Sabah with my girls. Well, I supposed to write this post way before my previous two posts, but writing this one need some you know a MOOD also memories because it’s been 3 weeks already! I hope I still remember though. Haha.

Well, let get started.

So, we went to Sabah on 11th April 2017 around 1300 something like that. I didn’t remember already. Haha. Like I said before, I went with my friends. There three of them so including me, four people. Suit for travel. We arrived at Kota Kinabalu International Airport around 1500 like that and while waiting for our rent car, we decided to buy our dinner first. Right after we’ve got our rent car, refuel our car (thanks a lot to the car owner for left us with only little fuel), withdraw money and straight to Kundasang.  What funny about Kota Kinabalu road was, well we Sarawakian especially for someone that live in Kuching and Samarahan area, we’re really used to quite a big roundabout and when we were there, of course, a bit surprised with the roundabout. No offence Sabahan, it just we kind of had some culture shock there. So, next. We arrived at Kundasang around 1830 if I’m not mistaken. We stay at Kiram Village, just above Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. The price is quite cheap and good for backpacking. Well, if you want really some cheap place to stay, I think there’s somewhere in Kundasang. To be honest, seriously, if you decided to stay at place especially above Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, you need to bring stocking, sweater and if you have hot packs, you really need that one especially for someone that not used to cold places. Because it’s freaking cold at night. I’m not sure the temperature if the weather at that time always raining. I bet it will be freaking cold more than during warm weather.



So, our Day 1 mostly we spend in the car and plane and night we hang out at canteen or cafe at Kiram Village. Drink hot or warm Horlick in a cold weather such a perfect combo and I’m quite picky when it comes of how people made Horlick drinks and Kiram Village Horlicks are the best drinks I recommended to you guys. Haha. I want to share a video with you guys, but somehow I need to upgrade my blog and that the last thing I want to do. Haha. I will find a way so you guys can watch the video that I’ve taken during the trip. So, that’s it, Day One.

It’s a full moon that night

Generally, Day One was Serian – Kuching – Kota Kinabalu International Airport – Kundasang (Kiram Village)


On Our Way to Kundasang


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