Un Viejo Amigo


I know everybody changes,
I just want familiar faces,
Growing up can be amazing,
But it can even break your heart.

Old Friends by Jasmine Thompson

I heard this song while watching Grey’s Anatomy last night. Right after I done watching the drama, I look it up on the internet. I tend to like some songs depended on the lyrics and Thompson, this song is so beautiful. I know everyone can relate to this song, so I am.

To be honest, a few weeks back, there was my friend posted on her facebook saying that slowly her friends drifted away as everyone now has their own life. I get it what she said by the way. I slowly feel it too. I know I can’t blame them either, they have their own priorities right now. Family first, work then and friends. For someone that like me that don’t have my own small family yet, it feels too.. I’m not sure how to express it but somehow..is it right to say as you’ve been left? Is it? I don’t know. I’m not sure how to express it.

Of course, you’ve met new friends along the way, but it’s not the same with old friends. Sometimes familiar faces are needed especially the time when you needed them the most. Especially when you’ve got a personality that is hard to open up to new people, so this is when your old friends came to rescue. They understand you without you saying anything. Old friends will be there, even enough by your side without words.

I’m someone you can say as VERY ‘low-maintenance friends’. I don’t require 24/7 texts or calls or hang out every time to define friendship. I will be there if you need me. Yes, I admitted that I’m not that active in group WhatsApp, even replying any texts or calls, but if you really needed me, I’ll be there. However, when I need someone to talk too, I wish someone is there to listen. I’m not usually talking my problems with anyone, I tend to keep it to myself but somehow sometimes you just want to let it go and talk with someone about your insecurities and worries.

As Thompson said, everybody changes. It’s life. Of course, it needed changes. Priorities changes. You just need to live with it and you’ll be okay. Dear E, I know how you feel but our friends’ priorities changed girl. Understand them, put our shoes in their shoes and you’ll be alright.




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