#BookReview:Gabreil Inferno Series#

Assalammualaikum.. #BookReview# I just finished reading Gabriel Inferno series by¬†Sylvain Reynard (people said these books are much better than Fifty Shades series), and well I admit it. Much way better than Fifty Shades. Don’t get me wrong, Fifty Shades have its own reputation as one of best selling erotic books in the world, but it […]

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Stop being petulant kids

Assalammualaikum.. How you indicate your friendship with your friends? Does texting or calling everyday is consider as a friend? Or have to see each other everyday that person can consider as a friend? Everyone have their own opinion. So do I. Someone that I can consider as a friends doesn’t have to be meet everyday […]

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2 years 10 months 3 days

Assalammualaikum.. It’s gonna be a long post special for a place that I spend for 2 years 10 months and 3 days. Marudi is a small town located about 2 hours from Miri. This town is a familiar name for me as my sister in law is from there. After more than 3 months I […]

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Curious about who are you?

Assalammualaikum.. I want a separate post about personality test that I took this morning. Here, I will wrote more what I learn bout myself today. From the picture above, I fall under The Advocate personality (Role: Diplomat & Strategies: Constant Improvement). You can read more about this on my previous post link. Well, I learn […]

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